#553: Travel hacks to stay fit, healthy and feeling awesome!

We all travel a lot more than we used to and it is epic. However along with our increased travel is the increased dilemma of what to eat and what training to do when you are traveling. Then of course you have a meltdown on what to pack, how many sets of running kit and so the list goes on.
This year I have been on half a dozen trips to various countries ranging from the French Alps to the beauty that is Malawi. For the most part I have eaten clean food (yeah I have had some cheats which I talk about in this show) and on all trips I have trained in some shape or form. For those of you that have been following the show for a while you will pretty much know I have a rule of only taking hand luggage and it has to be 10kg or less.
So here are my tips in the hope that you guys can continue to enjoy travel but travel light, eat well and stay active on your trips.
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Enjoy the show.
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