PODCAST #552 LISTEN NOW: “Make every mistake you can to get better” with Keph Izzard

Keph Izzard is an abnormal normal human being! Contradiction you may say? Well yes and no, he is very similar to a large percentage of the population in that he works a full time job which has seen him take over 250 flights in 18 months, he has a private life to manage but at the same time he loves sport. Growing up in Australia sport has always been a big part of Keph’s life so you could say it is no surprise that he is excelling at it and also coaching people toward their athletic goals.
Keph is an age group triathlete, has qualified for Kona twice and 3 other Triathlon world championships, he has also completed a number of ultra marathons but surprisingly never run a marathon on it’s own, it has always been part of a “bigger” race. His exploits in triathlon all started when he was having a few beers with some friends and they decided it was a great idea to sign up for a triathlon which would be held in 7 days time, at this point he did not have a bike, was not doing any running and hadn’t swam properly since childhood. He completed that race and very soon signed up for a “longer” race which was 6 weeks away, you may say he was an immediate addict.
This show is full of simple advice that you can action right away in your life. Keph knows about hard work but the way he talks makes you believe you can achieve pretty much anything. Here are some of the call out topics we discussed in the show:
  • Being competitive since childhood
  • A desire to get better everyday
  • Getting out there and enjoying yourself
  • If it means something you will find a way
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