#551: The CrossFit Games 2019 Wrap up

This years CrossFit games came to an end last Sunday after 4 days of what can only be described as brutal competition. The format of the 2019 season was new which saw 150 individual males and the same number of females from around the world toe the start line at this the most sought after event on the CrossFit calendar. There was no room for errors as the field starts to get cut from event 1 and continued to be almost halved every event for the next 5 events until after the first event on Saturday morning just 10 males and 10 females were left in the CrossFit games.
There has been a backlash of comments around the world in CrossFit communities and as you could expect throughout social media as everyone had an opinion (athletes included) as to if this was the right way to find the fittest on earth for 2019. In this show we talk over the events, the cuts, whats been said by who and the fact the the winners of the 2019 CrossFit games both male and female as the same champions that we have seen reign supreme for the last few years…….so was it the ultimate test of fitness?
Enjoy the show.
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