PODCAST #548 LISTEN NOW: From the villages of Malawi with Edson Kumwamba

Just recording this show was an amazing experience, the audio version is good but the video version is unreal as you actually get to see footage from Malawi, where Edson was brought up and how he lives in the villages of Mulanje.
Edson was just 3 years old when he lost his father and 16 when his mother passed away from tuberculosis but that is not unusual for the people of Malawi where life is hard, disease is rife and life expectancy is low. Being dealt the cards he was Edsons life could have turned out very different if it were not for his amazing personality and attitude. He has an incredible energy about him and a very interesting vision for his future and the future of his family and ever growing international trail running friends.
My connection to Malawi like many things in life is quite random but in short I was training a client who signed up for an event called Orbis Challenge in 2018 which occurs annually in Malawi, she returned from the challenge with only great things to say about the country, the challenge and specifically a local runner by the name of Edson. Over a coffee I listened closely and enjoyed the story about the adventure she had had but I never for one minute imagined that within the next 9 months I would randomly meet Edson in a hotel in Dubai, we would then put together a simple program (InnerFight Chance) in attempt to help Malawi runners which would see Edson race in the 2019 Ultra X Race in Sri Lanka, the 90km Mont Blanc marathon in Chamonix and then Josh and I arrive in Mulanje for the Porters race. Life moves pretty fastI guess and so long as you stay open, true to your vision and do things you love then the things you love happen.
This is Edson and his story shot right from the heart of Malawi. In places it is a bit raw but it is real. Enjoy the show - Marcus
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