#545: Welcome to the team Rob Jones

Some of you may not know Rob Jones but for those of you that do I am pretty sure you have nice memories, the guy always smiles, always says hello and is always super positive. Well he is now a member of the InnerFight endurance coaching team so even if you don’t know him you are going to be seeing a lot more of him and hopefully get to know him a bit better.
Rob has an incredible amount of endurance feats to his name both on his bike and on his feet. More recently he placed second in the UAE’s first last man standing ultra event covering 160km in 24 hours just a few weeks after turning in a very respectable time in the inaugural UTMB 137km race labelled as one of the toughest out there.
In this show we get to know all sides of Rob and what he can bring to the table to help you become better at life as we talk:
  • A change in direction
  • Getting into running
  • What's coming up
  • Things to talk about
Connect with Rob
Instagram @robertjjones
How to tune in: You can also watch it below.
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