PODCAST #540 LISTEN NOW: Breaking down social and cultural boundaries through sport with Abeer Alkhaja

Abeer is an amazing human being with a strong mission to get more ladies to participate in more sport. She has an incredible energy and with it an amazing story to get to where she is today. An Emirati female herself Abeer has first hand experience of the social and cultural challenges that other girls of her generation face when it comes to participation in sport. There are many pre conceptions about female participation in sport and in this show Abeer talks openly about them, some of them are justified but some of them just mysteries.
Having not had much exposure to sport in her childhood due to a medical condition Abeer is making up for lost time now as she plays a range of sports, teaches certain sports and is always ready to get a group of girls together and go and try something new. She uses social media to try and help educate and support people about participating in sports and in the show tells us how social media has helped wider participation.
This show is full of energy from Abeer, she is a great person and we are super excited for what the future holds for her and the females she motivates.
Some call outs from the show:
  • The stereotypical Emirati Female
  • Differing cultures
  • It’s sport not nightclubs!
  • Acceptance from her dad
Connect with Abeer on instagram: @abeermk
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