PODCAST #536 LISTEN NOW: Summiting Mt Everest with Tima Deryan

Some of you may remember Tima from Podcast #402 when she shared with us her “7 Summit Challenge” with us. Well here she is back on show as she has just conquered perhaps the greatest of them all…Mount Everest. Tima is as full of energy in this show as she was the last time she was on, perhaps more as she has just done something amazing.
In this show she takes us step by step up the mountain and it literally is gripping the way that she delivers her story. We also ask her about how this seasons events on Everest were covered in the media with regards to the increased numbers of deaths and the number of people causing human traffic jams in vital places as well as:
  • Having energy
  • If you want something it will happen
  • Deaths on Everest
  • Whats next
Listen to show #402 HERE
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