#533: “Bringing your cycling indoors” Episode 3 of the “Indoor training in the hot months”

So you liked the sound of last weeks show on the Technogym Skill Run but you are not a runner? No stress. We have some equally good news for all you cyclists out there. If you haven’t already listened to show 529 in which we address the basis of this series in “Why we suffer in the heat” then be sure to have a listen. This week is all about bringing your cycling indoors:
  • Types of indoor trainer
  • The importance of bike set up
  • Software to entertain you
  • Virtual cycling to recruit talent
As you will hear about in this show there are so many advantages to having an indoor set up fro cycling pretty much the year round never mind just in summer. Please just make sure you go through the steps we talk about in the show to make sure you are correctly set up before you get those wheels spinning. The world of virtual cycling is just moving to another level, just make sure you do not get addicted like Tom did when Zwift first launched
Next week is the final show in this 4 part series and we may have saved some peoples favorite until last as we talk about eating and drinking. Don’t miss it!
How to tune in: You can also watch it below. If you have a question for the coaches mail us right now and let’s get it answered for you. Thanks for tuning in we hope you enjoy the show! Smith St Paleo is our show sponsor, check out loads of delicious recipes here!