PODCAST #528 LISTEN NOW: What would you do for 12 hours a day if money were no issue with Dia Hassan

Have you every thought about the title of this show? Yeah it’s pretty deep but at the same time it may be the route to find out what you really want in life. Well this weeks guest Dia Hassan asked himself that very question just a few years back, fast forward to today and he is the managing partner at Create Production. In this show we talk all about Dia’s journey and then into  what’s facing us all and the topic of social media, content creation and more:
  • Lift the gatekeepers
  • Find your voice
  • Be consistent
  • The best camera is the one you have
As you will see in this show Dia is a creative guy and he tells us the risk that he took leaving his job and his first project with Audi (links below). He has some super interesting info on the way social media is used today as well as the way it is going. Dia gives us his insights into creating content, the ways people are going about it and importantly the impact it is having on society.
Dia and his team at Create Production work on some amazing things these days like this Emirates Ad they recently did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0IOwagKnZo Pretty crazy considering this was his first piece of work https://youtu.be/fuqgUuNJr8U which was a long shot pitch to Audi.
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