PODCAST #522 LISTEN NOW: What is health coaching and how can it help you; with Heidi Jones

Heidi is an integrated health coach based in Dubai and this show is loaded with value as we learn more about her own journey which took her into the health coaching industry as we talk:
  • Looking for something more
  • Having a beginners mindset
  • "Even better if"
  • Commitment
Having gone through the “health coaching” process as a client brings Heidi a huge advantage as she now spends her time helping people better themselves and figure out what they want from life. She addresses issues from nutrition all the way to emotional struggles in her quest to better her clients. 
Heidi recently became a mother and we dive into how that has affected her life and her work. As you will see throughout the show Heidi has a focused but relaxed attitude to life. She is confident but realistic and always smiling which you will see on the video version. 
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