PODCAST #520 LISTEN NOW: A life transformation for Big Rossi

On January 18th 2019 Big Rossi walked into InnerFight weighing 113kg and declared that he wanted to change his life. He had an aggressive timeline of dropping over 10kg by Red Fest which given that was in 5 weeks was a big ask. He went to work and the weight started to drop off. In 3 days time he will run the London Marathon. This show is his story so far as we talk
  • Being a big lad!
  • In need of a lifestyle change
  • Doing it for the family
  • Nerves about London Marathon
There are many people that know they need to make serious changes in their life, and then there are the people that make those changes! Rossi had not done anything other than play football once a week (sometimes) for years, he had back pain and an increasing waistline, all at the age of 37. Change was needed and with a bit of a push from his work mates and then putting it out to the public there was no way he could hide from his commitment to drop some weight ad change his life.
The journey so far has been awesome for Rossi and for us at InnerFight as he has come in 5 days a week and done the work. He has eaten Smith St Paleo during the week and as he confesses in the show has let his guard down at the weekends on numerous occasions. We chat about how much weight he has dropped as well as what his next goals are. This guy is very inspiring for us and for many people and we feel that his journey is only just getting going.
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