#100: 101 top tips for running

Endurance coaches Tom Walker and Rob Jones welcome you to The Run Strong Podcast. A show to discuss topics to educate and inspire runners. From couch-to-5k'rs, triathletes, up to multi-stage ultra runners this podcast will interest you. A successful season 1 means the boys are back and currently recording and releasing season 2. Please rate and review to help spread The Run Strong Podcast!In this weeks show, Tom and Rob give you 101 running tips! Find the list in the show notes!

  1. Easy runs easy  - talk test if its comfortable, you can talk.
  2. Relax to the max - Shakeout arms, relax the resting bitch face, shoulders down
  3. Don't crush the bird - don't clench the fists
  4. Run against traffic - your in charge and can avoid oncoming
  5. Specificity - train for the race you are running
  6. Warm up then Stretch - Run then dynamic, never static
  7. Know your body - Know what RPE is
  8. Know your body 2 - Run through annoyance, never through pain
  9. Learn from mistakes - in races and training, and don't make them again
  10. Start from the base....then build your rooms:  Z2...then ad din speed, hills, pace work, race strategy etc
  11. DO YOUR STRENGTH WORK - obviously
  12. Don't be a slave to data! - love running for its simplicity...let the coach worry about the data
  13. Consistency over time more important than a 'hero run'
  14. 80/20
  15. Don't get bored - jazz up an aero run with strides
  16. Sleep! 
  17. Have fun on the easy runs - new routes, people, explore
  18. Have fun on the hard runs as well - race people, push yourself and know that NO ONE really cares how fast YOU went
  19. Save something for the summit: No one wins the hill at the bottom, its bigger than you are....save some juice for the top
  20. Get over it:  Bad runs happen, Care about it Max 60mins then move on
  21. Tie your shoes....and check them....skinny
  22. Rotate your shoes
  23. Nothing new on race day....EXPO slaves....IVANA!
  24. Pace yourself: Negative split Slow to fast better than fast to slow
  25. Draft.....just like biking, think about the kipchoge V
  26. Know adrenaline will make things seem easier.... so go easy at the start of that race
  27. Train with someone: Motivation, accountability

but run on your own as well: do avoid going too fast or overtraining

  1. Have fun:  Racing, training - remember why we do it
  2. success leave clues - if somethings going well, analyse what you are doing.
  3. Dont fall prey to Company marketing
  4. If you are going to use poles in a race, train with them
  5. Hip to nip
  6. Training alone does not make you a better athlete.
  7. Sleep and nutrition  and time makes a better athlete
  8. Calories are equal, Macronutrients are not
  9. Training enjoyment depends on being present - You cannot listen properly to 3 songs at once.... not can you thing about 3 sessions at once.  focus on the now......
  10. Plan, do, review
  11. Track your menstural cycle - Why? be prepared to know when its coming, learn whats normal,  allowing you to train smarter. You recover better based on where you are at in the cycle.
  12. Sitting all day in "hip flexion" is bad . get up and move
  13. Weak glutes mean hamstrings have to assist, they fatigue and become tight...then we stretch....temporary solution. Improve hip function through glute strength to prevent tight strings.
  14. The core is more than the 6 pac: Think of a sleeve around your middle and hips.  LB stability, Upright when running
  15. Eat before you are hungry
  16. Walk before you are tired
  17. Start slow..... apply to all races
  18. Warm up before races please
  19. Train run, hike, run BEFORE you get fatigued
  20. Hiking in a race is not weakness
  21. Be patient: Rome was not built in a day....nor is an aerobic base
  22. Keep a training log.  If you don't know where you have been, how do you know where you are going?
  23. Wear sunscreen
  24. Never make a decision sitting down
  25. Dark times will come and go.  Ride them out
  26. Eat, even when you are not hungry
  27. Practice Eating!
  28. wet wipes for all races
  29. feet swell if you run long enough
  30. pedicures for long races
  31. Put a mobility routine in place before you get injured
  32. Take recovery as serious as your training
  33. Measure your feet for shoe size properly, don't guess.
  34. Don't run through pain that is more than a 3/10 in training.
  35. Barefoot shoes are not always the answer.
  36. Carbon shoes will not cover up bad technique.
  37. What is comfortable for 1hr may not be for 4hrs. Test kit properly.
  38. Learn about the psoas muscle and what it does for you.
  39. Calf raises most days.
  40. Treat blisters immediately.
  41. The more your coach knows the better.
  42. Use body glide, everywhere.
  43. Plan training routes if they're important sessions.
  44. Freestyle your route to mix things up.
  45. Do not leave race breakfasts down to chance.
  46. Book a table for after your race!
  47. Learn to use visualisation.
  48. Mental toughness alone is not enough, you need self belief as well.
  49. If you're sick, rest.
  50. Add any level of plyometrics to your program to see benefits.
  51. Understand there is no one 'best' session.
  52. Fitness will always bounce back, family and friends might not.
  53. Start 1min early, 59 rule.
  54. Know your sweat loss.
  55. Runners knee is not a thing.
  56. If you're eyes sting from sweating you're a high sodium sweater.
  57. Don't hold your breath when running.
  58. Cadence drills are vital.
  59. Relax your face.
  60. Chose races you want to do not what you think you should do.
  61. Prioritise your races.
  62. Keep your head still.
  63. Put your kit out the night before.
  64. Get family buy in.
  65. If your friends are not supportive get new friends.
  66. Not every has to like running the same as you.
  67. It'a ok to be vegan but remember no one cares..
  68. The keto diet is not for performance.
  69. Listen weekly to the run strong podcast.
  70. Get a coach!
  71. If you're new to running, Start to Run.
  72. If you want to learn about less is more,  do Run Strong.
  73. If you get nothing from social media, stop giving it your time.
  74. If you say you don't have time, check your screen time.

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