#050: Josh Stinton, The Charity Adventurer.

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If your life story was a book, would you read it?For years, Josh Stinton has been taking on the hardest physical challenges around the world in which he has little or no experience, and asks “why not?” Often portrayed in the media as a crazy guy doing crazy things, Josh’s experience takes you through the insights he has gained along the way that leaves him absolutely convinced that we are all capable of achieving insane goals.
Hear the ridiculous story of Josh’s adventures come to life as he explains how he’s cycled across the Atlantic, represented Australia in the world’s largest downhill unicycle race (yes, downhill mountain-biking on one wheel) and skied across Sweden in the 90km Vasaloppet ski race (despite having never hit the slopes in his life and training only on road skis along Sydney’s Manly Beach esplanade).
Pride aside, his story leaves the bloopers and failures IN, for others to learn from. This is not a glory-ridden story, this is an open and bold account of a life led by a person asking one question “would I read this life I am living if it was a book?”.Josh is based in Norway though presents to audiences all over the globe with funny, engaging and often ridiculous stories of how he has achieved various ‘world firsts’ in challenges he’s been told cannot be done.www.thecharityadventurer.comTo reach the lads you can email endurance@innerfight.com.To reach out to Rob Jones email rj@innerfight.comTo reach out to Tom Walker email tw@innerfight.com

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