#025: Virtual racing & Lockdown nutrition

Endurance coaches Tom Walker and Rob Jones welcome you to The Run Strong Podcast. A show to discuss topics to educate and inspire runners. From couch-to-5k'rs, triathletes, up to multi-stage ultra runners this podcast will interest you. A successful season 1 means the boys are back and currently recording and releasing season 2. Please rate and review to help spread The Run Strong Podcast!

The boys are self isolating but that doesn’t stop them brining you another episode of The Run Strong Podcast! This week Rob and Tom chat about the virtual race scenes, are they good or bad and do they have a place in the future of endurance sport? They also answer a question on nutrition and training days which leads into a good chat around lockdown nutrition and habits. The boys want to know how have your eating habits changed during lockdown and are you entered for any virtual races? 
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