PODCAST #510 LISTEN NOW: Listener Q&A with Marcus & Andre

In this show we answer your questions which as always are varied and take us in a whole load of interesting directions.
Our picks from this weeks questions:
  • Being a good client
  • Strength training for runners
  • As humans how will we go extinct
  • Beware of the Instagram fakes
  • Favourite training partner
Thanks for all of your questions this week. These shows are made possible by you guys taking the time to send your questions over to us and we are super appreciative for it. We started the podcast to answer questions so although having guests on and talking around specific topics is a whole load of fun and enjoyable for both us and you it is also good to get specific with some of your questions.
How to tune in: You can also watch it below. If you have a question for the coaches mail us right now and let’s get it answered for you. Thanks for tuning in we hope you enjoy the show! Smith St Paleo is our show sponsor, check out loads of delicious recipes here!