Podcast 209 LISTEN NOW: InnerFight with Loy Machedo

The only tattooed professional branding strategist extraordinaire in the Middle East, Loy Machedo dominates the InnerFight podcast  this week. Loy talks openly about how he has overcome child abuse and suicidal tendencies to finally finding peace and happiness in his life and shaping people's futures in a career he loves.
  • Only works 5 days a month and take the rest of the days off – and still earning enough
  • Spoke at TED Talks that received over 200,000 views
  • The  Middle Easts only personal branding strategist
  • And much MORE...
  Tune in above or get Podcast #209 on iTunes now. You can also watch it below. To find out more about Loy Machedo visit www.loymachedo.com   If you have a question for the coaches mail us right now and we’ll get it answered for you. Enjoy!