Podcast 202 LISTEN NOW : Inner Talks 9 with Yousef Tuqan

The ninth edition of our popular InnerFight Inner Talks was awesome, as we tuned into advertising guru of 20 years, Yousef Tuqan, for a tongue-in-cheek look at life in the modern Middle East. In his renowned 'Arabs Be Like' talk, which HE has presented around the world - including at Cannes Lions and Harvard University - Yousef tells us why the Arab Digital Generation is Young, Connected and Confused, and how brands are succeeding beautifully or failing (in a very big way) to connect with these people. If you missed it, fear not. We're bringing it to you in the form of the 202nd episode of our fitness podcast.   Tune in above or get Podcast #202 on iTunes now. You can also watch it below     If you have a question for the coaches mail us right now and we'll get it answered for you. Enjoy!