Podcast 160 – Ian Adamson Interview

The CEO of Healthy Running Ian Adamson joins us in this podcast to talk about running and his up and coming seminar in Dubai on Feb 20/21 2015 as we cover:
  • How "Shoes kind of screw us up"
  • If you can’t measure pain, is it real?
  • How can you modify your movement patterns, easily?
  • Running is a skill that needs to be learnt, how do we learn it?
  Please check out Ian's site here. For full details on the course that is coming to Dubai click here. These are the books Ian mentioned: You can register and pay for the course direct at InnerFight. Mail us and we will take care of you. Podcast #160 Listen above or Get it now from iTunes If you have a question for the coaches mail us right now and let’s get it answered for you. Thanks for tuning in we hope you enjoy the show!