Pink Taxi

IMG_5939 "Come on, be Inner Fight!" One of my three kids will shout out at any given time of the day, at any challenging time that requires them to show discipline, strength and energy. Indeed, they understand that Inner Fight isn't just a training program that I partake in five days a week, but a lifestyle that I have instilled at home and which trickles down to the family. I never hesitate before jumping out of bed for a dawn session with the InnerFight team. My commitment is driven by the process even more than the goals. I enjoy the challenging situations because the vibe is positive, the team energy contagious and the coaching motivating. The hour long training continues its positive effect throughout my day, providing me with added energy and strength to pursue an active lifestyle. [pullquote align="right"]....The Inner Fight program has taught me to focus on the positive, celebrate accomplishments, believe in myself and be strong.. [/pullquote] Functional fitness is a cornerstone of the Inner Fight program. I therefore apply the physical and mental strength derived from my training to other sports and to family and personal pursuits. If I can deadlift, bench press and overhead lunge than I believe I can do many other impossible feats and face many mental hurdles. Living healthy is another cornerstone with recovery and diet as the ingredients. My challenge is to balance my training with a good amount of rest and quality sleep. Another one is to ensure clean eating because food is fuel. These efforts translate into a happier me. The Inner Fight program has taught me to focus on the positive, celebrate accomplishments, believe in myself and be strong. I share this newly found enthusiasm with all those around me, be it with my closest entourage or on twitter and my blog. I attend Inner Fight classes with my two brothers and my kids watch me applying its principles throughout my day. For behind the program is the man, Marcus Smith, my coach and friend. This uber fit, super hero, leads us by example. Tough and critical, and also positive and forward looking, he uses the word "awesome" frequently but genuinely. He trains us individually within a large team and ensures that we all follow our goals in an efficient way. I am proud to have joined a challenging elite fitness program that celebrates teamwork and fun and provides me with improved physical fitness, an immense sense of accomplishment and self confidence that spills into all other aspects of my life.