Phil Gould

I gave up playing competitive rugby at the end of my 20s and spent most of my 30s searching for a replacement adrenalin buzz.  I competed in marathons, triathlons, I rock climbed, I climbed Alpine mountains and Ecuadorian Volcanoes.  I took part in multi-day Adventure Races across the UK and Europe.  I mountain biked in the Alps,.  I road cycled up the big Alpine peaks and Pyrenean Cols.  I even competed in the Marathon des Sables, a 270km Ultra-marathon in the Moroccan Sahara Desert.  Each time I competed in an event, my target was just to complete.  I was a big guy (100kilos plus) and that was too easy an excuse to really target any great success beyond just completing. As I headed towards 40, it was time for a new challenge. I convinced a group of guys to cycle 700km from coast to coast across the Pyrenees in 4 days! I trained (what I thought to be) quite hard, and yet again my performance was distinctly average. On December 17th 2012, I walked into the InnerFight World.  I walked into Marcus’s world, and life as I knew it changed forever!  I can remember the day very well – I can even remember what I was wearing. We did a Body Composition Analysis.  My weight was 113kg and my body fat was 31kg (27%) – Not good!  I was off the scale on every chart!  Marcus looked down my results, rolled his eyes, smiled and said – “Go and enjoy your Christmas, and if you want to be awesome meet me here at 5.30am on 6th Jan!” Our goal was for me to lose 17kg of fat in 17 weeks. We looked at every aspect of my life - sleep, nutrition, training, recovery, family commitments, work commitments and we set goals (some big, some small).  I was taught a new training intensity I had never seen before.  InnerFight taught me how to get more out of 20 minutes in the gym than 4 hours on a bike, and taught me how to balance the goals in my life appropriately. To start with I could only lift half the weights and work at half the intensity of the rest of the class. But as long as you are prepared to work hard and push yourself, you get nothing but respect from Marcus and all the rest of the class!  Their support, enthusiasm and energy was engaging and addictive.  This approach was refreshing.  The focus wasn’t sign up and pay up.  InnerFight wants to set you up, point the way, and help along the road to maintain motivation.  The focus is getting and staying healthy. In the 17 weeks from 6th January 2013 until  28th May 2013, I lost 20kgs of fat and 21kgs of weight.  More importantly though, it wasn’t just some crash diet (that would eventually fail), I had a new approach to life and a new self confidence of what I can achieve!  Another 2 months down the line, I am more motivated than ever. I am lifting weights I have never lifted before, I am cycling harder and faster than I ever have before, I have set PRs in every distance I run. I have more energy at home and more enthusiasm at work.  I sleep sounder than I ever have done before.  I am stronger, fitter, faster, happier and my life is more organized.  I am achieving more every week!  In short, I have InnerfFight!