Performance addicts

These days it's hard to buy anything that doesn't contain some kind of warning note. Even if you think its very good for you there always seem to be some hidden dangers that manufacturers want to warn the consumers about. An all time classic is a bag of peanuts with the warning "contains nuts" on the packaging.
Contains Nuts... ? ? ?
Well let me tell you, this craze of sticking warnings on things should really start over spilling into the health and fitness industry. You should be fully aware that if you go about things in the right way you are going to get results and feelings that you may possibly like. In fact lets be honest you may even love them. As human nature has it when we love something we slowly start to develop addictions to have more of that thing that we love.
And wait for it...............the "Performance addict" is born. This is not a new term, it has been used and abused in many environments for some time now but is all too often used in a negative way. But why? Because addiction to things is bad? Because too much of anything is not healthy? Because we should live a life of moderation? Because, because, because and so the list of why we shouldn't do something stacks up so much bigger than the list of why we should.
So getting addicted to looking, feeling and performing better is so much worse than being addicted to sugar and starch is it? I will settle for that example, I am sure you get my point.
People. Find a way to get addicted to performance in your life. In your work life, in your home life, in your health and fitness life, in any aspect of life that you operate under. Being addicted to getting the best out of your life is hardly the worst thing you can do and as this clip below says.........."I have never met and ex-addict"