Paul Austin

Although I knew Marcus as an opponent on the rugby pitch and at times as a team mate, I was not really aware of InnerFight until 2 years ago when a friend suggested we followed his free weekly sessions from the website in order to be fit enough for the 7s. In just a few months my fitness went through the roof and at the same time I stayed strong and gained power in addition. The only issue was the training was hard, something I have now learnt to embrace but back then I quickly resorted back to the easier, less effective 'Bodybuilding' style of training and of course my fitness plummeted again. Then in the Summer of 2012 I took one long look in the mirror and asked myself ' why don't I look and feel the way I train?' What I realise now is that I did look the way I trained because I didn't train well. At 41 turning 42 I turned back to InnerFight, recalling how I felt after just a few months of following Marcus's guidance. So here I am 11 months later, fitter, stronger, leaner and more powerful than I was at the height of my Rugby Career. With the combination of training and nutritional guidance I am now fit not just for rugby but for 'Life'! I can't say thank you enough to Marcus for guiding me to this point and now it's become part of my everyday life and I love it.