A huge CONGRATULATIONS to our Paleo Challenge WINNERS! These are just two of the four awesome people who all WON a week's worth of Smith St Paleo food! Evegeniya Karpova, Jules Curtis, Ramona Karachi and Sophia Bhojani all took part in our January Paleo challenge and successfully completed a whole month of the "paleo way". We measured their success based on a simple points system using their food log, body analysis and their training regime and they all absolutely smashed it! Here's what some of our WINNERS had to say about the challenge: Sophia: "Five months post baby and I was still struggling to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, even though I was relatively active, the weight just wasn't budging. Two weeks into the challenge and it wasn't even about winning anymore. My jeans fit again, my skin glowed, my energy levels and quality of sleep sky rocketed! I had already won! Winning the challenge was just the icing on the cake (paleo cake of course). My 2017 has got off to a really good start and there's no stopping me now. Thanks Guys!" Jules: "This started as a challenge, but has converted me to sticking to a paleo diet. If you love cooking, Smith St Paleo website has everything you need, and if you don't, they do ready meals on delivery, it really can't be easier. I lost weight and toned up but the biggest thing for me was my digestion, no bloating stomach after meals. Give it a try you won't be disappointed." Jenya: "I was so happy when The Paleo Challenge came up as a competition. And it's not something I didn't know about - how good to have a paleo lifestyle. It was not easy to break up my usual eating routine, which contains grains and dairy. And I'm happy that I challenged myself with this great idea from Smith St Paleo. The result of dropping fat % started showing a week after of doing challenge. It's amazing how good the change was and how it helped to drop that percentage of fat. Every week I was looking at numbers and felt thrilled that it absolutely worked! So, now I feel so much better, I'm do my running training, I'm doing crossfit and I feel just awesome. Plus, I know the secret of getting abs or the proper definition lines of it. First it's your food, second it's your training. And for me Smith St Paleo challenge hasn't finished. For me it's just the start! It's the beginning of long term challenge! I would like to thank all of you and your community and friends who have been so supportive. I have the best time with all of you and have my best friends because of you. I found myself so much more confident at all aspects of life because of you InnerFight!" 003 We believe that by adopting this way of eating you will; feel awesome, have more energy and mental focus, sleep better, wake up fresher and rid your body of all the trash that you simply do not need. It takes the body around 20 days for something to become a habit so through this community challenge these guys were able to develop and benefit their health. Here's a bit more explanation from the founder of Smith St Paleo: "As the name suggests, the Paleo way is based on the premise of eating how our ancestors ate. Its a simple case of design. Our bodies are not designed to digest the highly processed, sugar laden, grain heavy diet that we see today. The Paleo framework is all about paring the way you eat back to our dietary beginnings. Now before you decide to be a smarty pants and say something sarcastic like “oh, so we all just eat dinosaur meat do we?”, hear me out. The idea behind Paleo is to eat nutritionally dense foods. Food that is good for you, food that’s going to nourish you, and food that is anti-inflammatory. So its less of the caveman talk and more about side-stepping the crap that wreaks havoc on our immune, digestive and metabolic systems. Its about embracing the consumption of natural, clean produce that leads to optimal health and wellbeing.” - Holly Purdy, Founder Smith St Paleo If you want to know more check out the Smith St Paleo site and remember you can get the amazingly tasty and nutritious meals from the InnerFight HQ and you can order from UberEats or Deliveroo. We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge and helped make it a success with your continued support of the "paleo way"!