A simple four letter word, one dictionary definition reads: Physicalsuffering or distress. Another: A distressing sensation in a particular part of the body. And a third: Mental or Emotional suffering or torment.

At the InnerFight we believe that pain comes in a certain order, the first is the mental pain, the physical pain is a product of this mental pain. It has been proven on many occasions that the mind tells the body that it is in pain a long time before the body alerts the mind of its pain. It is when the mind is begging you to quit that you are at your most vulnerable to submit to the pain and this is the time where many individuals have come undone.

An essential part of winning the InnerFight is being able to control the pain that starts in the mind. Few can do this on their first outing, it can take time, but with time comes practice and the result will be sure that the control will develop. Many believe that the body sends messages to the brain to alert it of the pain it is in, this is when it registers the pain and then the brain sends a message back to the muscle to tell it to stop and the pain will be over. The result, you stop and the pain subsides.

We like to view this process from a different angle. We like the brain to be the first messenger in the equation. We want the brain to send the first message to the muscle to check on it and be able to monitor the levels of pain. The reply from the muscle could often be that yes it is in pain, but the brain knows the levels of pain and if it is below the threshold simply ignores the message from the muscle. It is only when the mind is happy with what the muscle has achieved that it allows the muscle to relax. This may seem somewhat of an unconventional way to view the process but it is one that has proven results and we fully endorse.

In most forms of human physical exercise the pain that one may go through can last a split second, minutes or up to hours before it passes and the body begins to feel normal again. The true test is how long the mind can control this pain. If the mind has full control over it then some very special results can be achieved. The constant battle with pain has to be underpinned by the fact that eventually it will pass and normality will return, when the InnerFight is confronted and the mind is under control pain thresholds will rise as will the bar of achievement.

Many individuals set themselves high targets to reach and goals to achieve which often incur a suffering process. It is often the individual who can manage the pain process in the most efficient manner who is able to accomplish these goals. This process is a huge component of the InnerFight and is one that people must conquer on their journey through life in order to ensure that they reach their true potential.