Old person fitness…doesn’t mean what you think it means

Since hitting 35, I've had to change up my training. I figure that if I want to train forever, I have to stay healthy, while being able to maintain a high level of fitness.

Getting older unfortunately means becoming slightly more prone to injuries. Recovery takes that little bit longer and the risk of small, nagging injuries that can impede performance and gradually get worse and worse is higher. That is not what I want. I want to stay injury free, and do whatever training I fancy doing. 

This means is that I have to be more particular with what I do and what is programed for training. Eliminating some of the more technical and complex movements in favor of simpler movements has helped.  These movements also require a lot less time perfecting technique. 

Old person fitness is programmed for people who don’t mind not being competitive in the sport of Crossfit. It is programmed for people who want to get fitter and stronger in areas beyond CrossFit as a sport. Age doesn’t matter, as long as you have the right attitude and commitment. 

Old Person Fitness is about being generally physically prepared. 

For info on how to get involved please mail me on bd@innerfight.com


By: Ben Davies, Performance Coach