Odd Object Training

Do Strongman Training (if you're not already). In all honesty, there is nothing better for helping the body grow and get stronger all at once than by simply picking up heavy sh*t and carrying it around. Yes barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells should remain as your main source of heavy lifting. But don't neglect using other heavy tools such as sandbags, sleds, kegs, logs, Dballs, Axle bars, farmer walk handles and even large stones or rocks. This type of training builds real world, functional strength and will transform you from the inside out. Training with all these different movements definitely changes things up and hits your body and mind in a whole different way. You can use it in your main workouts or as good finisher at the end of your workouts. All these different movements will not only get you stronger, it will also push your conditioning in a whole different way. Another bonus is to take this outside, and get some vitamin D gains. I think it is important that I share this stuff with you. Like I said, if you're not already putting this type of training into your programming or workouts, you need to start doing it right now! Its an excellent way to vary up your training, which in return will help your strength and your conditioning at the same time. Get into it. It's so much fun     By: Matt Jones, InnerFight Performance Coach