OCR in 2021

Well, OCR in 2020 has been pretty none existent globally. Spartan cancelled their whole race season in the US, then gradually each OCR race organizer dropped like flies to COVID-19 and had to cancel their races. 

Abu Dhabi Sports council where set to host the first Spartan World championships out of America however, Spartan have just announced cancellation of this race meant to take place in the Liwa desert of Abu Dhabi but have said it will go ahead in December 2021. 

So what does this mean for OCR in 2021? 

As we are already starting to see at some smaller OCR events around the globe, race organizers are having to plan socially distanced races with staggered starts and results based on what timing chips say. This is being done at running races already and you can expect for all OCR’s to follow that same principle.

I’ve even seen some organizers asking for a ‘proof of NO COVID Test’ prior to racing their events. This may become a thing going into 2021 so don’t be surprised if you have to pay for a COVID test if you want to race next year. One thing I’m pretty sure of is that COVID-19 doesn’t have an expiry date of 31st December 2020. It’s highly likely to continue over into 2021 so now the question is, how do we work with it and still get to continue racing.

Out of our control - kind of

Right now it’s time to decide if you want to race or not. If you do, it’s time to work with the race organizers and their regulations to keep the sport of OCR alive and growing. COVID-19 is kind of out of our control however we are responsible to follow guidelines given to us from  race organizers so that we can continue to race. 2021 is 10 weeks away and I’m sure most of you reading this don’t want to continue doing “Virtual races” unless you are just a medal collector and don’t actually enjoy the racing itself. So what every OCR athlete needs to do is respect guidelines when they get the chance to race and understand that if rules are not followed races will end up back to virtual (which nobody wants, because that’s boring). 

See this opportunity and use it wisely

Often when OCR season is in full swing there are races every weekend, your body takes a hammering and really it doesn’t get the chance to really focus on training and improving. Take this time to work on yourself. Set yourself targets (to replace races), get yourself a coach and work towards crushing some goals. Let your body have the adequate recovery time it needs after each peak and by the time a “normal” OCR season comes back around you’ll be a much stronger athlete than you where Pre COVID. 

Thanks for reading, if anyone is looking for some help with training for OCR please feel free to reach out to myself or OCR coach Jess on the below emails or Instagram handles and we will be happy to help you become a stronger OCR athlete.

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By; George Crewe, OCR Coach