Why you need to do at least one obstacle race in 2020

Ever tried an obstacle course race? Not only do you get to run in some awesome locations but you meet some amazing people and do some pretty cool things along the way. 

Here’s 3 of my favourite things about OCR and also reasons you should give it a go.

    1. You can travel the world! If you are big on traveling then why not kill two birds with one stone? In 2018 I travelled to the following countries to race Spartan Race - Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, England, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. As OCR is a global sport there is plenty of opportunity to see some amazing places which are on your bucket list to go to and also tick off a race at the same time. Check out the Spartan website www.spartan.com and check the amount of locations worldwide just for this company alone.
    1. The community. When I was living back in England I played football on the weekend and the only people I would talk to were people in my own team. We hated other teams and there was always a big rivalry with them. With OCR it is totally the opposite. When you meet someone in this sport they are always welcoming, helpful and also have the best interest of this sport at heart. As OCR is a young sport the athletes who race want to support the sport and help it grow. 
  1. The challenge. Getting out of your comfort zone completely but still being in a controlled environment. OCR pushes us in many ways. They are designed to break you mentally and physically. Things that used to be “hard” or “difficult” in everyday life become much easier and your point of reference changes greatly. Your pain threshold becomes more tolerable and general everyday life issues seem to not be as much of an issue anymore. If you struggle to get in a cold shower then not to worry, Tough Mudders arctic enema obstacle will help with that. This is an obstacle where you’ll have to swim under a wall in a big ice filled pool. This is more of a mental challenge than physical.  You won’t complain about carrying your grocery shopping once completing a Spartan Race as they will often send you up and down a mountain with a 30kg bucket to test you physically. Suddenly that grocery shopping feels like nothing. 

All in all, if you are slightly interested in obstacle course racing then I advise to just give it a go. Grab a friend and drag them in with you. Help each other through the course or race it alone you’ll definitely learn something about yourself you didn’t know. 

Want to give it a go? Message me on GC@innerfight.com and we'll get you into a class! By; George Crewe, OCR Coach