There is no such thing as maintaining

4 things you should be doing to ensure you dominate life. I hear it often from people that their objective is to “maintain” this or “maintain” that when it comes to their physique or physical goals. Come on folks, did god put us here on earth just to “maintain” or were we designed for greatness? Lets flip to the corporate world and ask ourselves if maintaining our business would be accepted by the powers that be? Of course not, that world is littered with words such as innovation, creativity, advancement. No firm became the best in its field by maintaining. So here are 4 things you should be doing to ensure you are always developing, always getting better and truly working to be the very best version of you possible. 1. Have craaaaaaazy goals. Things that even you and your buddies think are a bit too wild. But be different and be working on your plan to achieve them. Don’t let them be dreams. Make them real. Work on them daily. This is the sure first step to put you on the map of awesome and take you off the list of maintainers. 2. Dispel normal and norms. Let other people do normal things, make up averages and just be run of the mill. That is not for you. When you see normal or average, make a quest to do the polar opposite or surpass so much that you feel like you are in another hemisphere. 3. Be scared often: I don’t want you to totally freak yourself out too much but when you have crazy goals and are committed to be the opposite of normal there will be a natural fear which is massively positive. Bottle it up, use is to motivate you and to keep you moving towards being a total legend. 4. Be relentless: Greatness arrives when we continue to do in many cases the most simple things over and over and over. Day in day out, week in week out in some cases for years. It takes Olympians thousands of hours of meaningful practice before they top the podium. You have to have a similar attitude of relentlessness. Maintaining is for normal people that lead normal lives, don’t be one of those, you were made to be so much more.   By: Marcus Smith, InnerFight Performance Coach