No Limit Mindset

This is something I read in the book 'the pressure principle' written by Dr Dave Alred MBE. What does this mean?  A no-limit mindset says that, 'No matter who you are, whatever your standard, everyone is capable of improving from wherever they are right now. No limits is all about improving upon yourself, not anyone else, and being the best that you can allow yourself to be.' How do we achieve this? In the book Dave is mostly talking about sport situations, but it can of course be applied to work or other situations in life. An example he is talking about is a guy getting injured and not being able to play the rugby season. What most people say after an injury is that they want to come back to where they were before the injury. But a no limit mindset would think, "I'm gonna come back better than before". And use that time off from playing to improve all different skills to be better than before. He was saying "I know now that I'm only scratching the surface of my potential. I know that there really are no limits to the margins of my performance." We all have setbacks in our own lives and it's important to take a similar approach to them. Remember: 
  • No limit mindset
  • Better than before
    By: Mia Akerlund, InnerFight Performance Coach