No Weakness

I often get asked what “No Weakness” means and at the same time am often challenged that it is not actually the right approach to things, well let me clarify what it means and in doing so solidify that it is exactly the right approach to life!  No Weakness means many things to many people. Everyone is different, everyone gives it meaning, everyone in our community lives it everyday. It does not mean being reckless and out of touch of your feelings, quite the opposite, it means being so in touch that you really know who you are, what you want from life and you walk up everyday ready to crush life, you don’t quit, you don’t give up, you know you were put on this earth to win.

So now you can see that it is 100% the right approach to everything in life, it works in so many situations and helps you in many aspects of life. If you are still not sure drop me a mail to, come in let’s have a chat and do a session and we will bring “No Weakness” to life for you!

By; Marcus Smith, Innerfight Founder