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This training is all about your body weight so you wont upset the Iron pushers in the gym. Its high reps that need good technique which will deliver a good sweat and a great workout. On your push ups your chest should be almost touching the floor, on your squats we want the legs to break 90 degrees at the knees, for your pull ups the chin must be over the top of the bar, for box jumps make sure you land both feet flat on the box and for your hand step ups work your core. You can consider the 45 seconds plank as part of your rest. 50 x Double Under Skips 15 x Decline Press Ups 25 x Prison Squats 15 x Pull Ups 25 x Box Jumps 20 x Bench Hand Step Ups 45 Sec Plank Carry out the above exercises back to back, on completion rest for 2 minutes, this is 1 round. Repeat 4 rounds [wpdm_file id=68]