Nightline Radio Show

Its time for change on my monthly radio chat with the legendary Canadian Professor / Ridiculous shirt wearing James Piecowye. The best thing about spending an hour a month on air with this guy is that it gives us a chance to address some major health and fitness issues in the UAE and answer a number of SMS's from the intrigued listeners.
James Piecowye
Things however are about to change..... "What changes?" I asked James! To which he promptly replied: "Nightline is going back to its old roots, but with a new sensibility. Instead of just talking at listneres about fitness, we want to engage them on the phone and through the SMS and make them part of the conversation. But it is more than just talking to the guest we want the listeners to re-engage and that is why in hour two we have reintroduced the call-in on issues that matter to the UAE! Real conversation on real issues with real people in Dubai."
And James topped off his review of the "New Nightline" with a professor classic "Nightline has had a wax job and is ready to rock!"
The first new look show is live on air this coming Monday 2nd April from 8pm (Click here)where I will be talking all things fitness. So if you have any questions or topics you would like addressing get in touch either by mail on  TWITTER, FACEBOOK or leave your question in the comment section of this post.
Podcasts of all previous shows are available on this blog!