New gym equipment to smash your fitness goals

As regular InnerFight members will have noticed, we’ve brought in some brand new pieces of equipment to provide even more variety to your workouts and improve your fitness. We now have, vertical and horizontal pegboards, D-balls, Tsunami bars, a TrueForm treadmill and a selection of ropes. These new ‘toys’, as we like to call them, have their own unique benefits for your training. So before you leap straight in, we thought we’d give you a rundown of exactly how these new tools can improve your training.   peg board Pegboards I watched the CrossFit Games last year and noticed the the pegboards were in the final event. Surprisingly, a majority of the athletes really struggled with it, but pegboards have huge benefits to upper body, grip and core strength, and will also increase your balance, stability and accuracy too. Pegboard exercises will almost certainly take you out of your comfort zone, but they’re incredibly useful. If you can't quite get up or across our pegboards, talk to one of the coaches about some progressions.  



These are great and build a different kind of strength that you simply won’t achieve if you’re just lifting barbells. Pick it up from the ground and get it to your shoulder is a challenge. But you’ll soon progress to walking with it while it’s up there or even in a bear hug position.

For the powerhouses among you, give the some offset lunges a try for an outstanding all-body workout. Again, you'll get lots of benefits from these in terms of overall strength, conditioning, balance, functional and grip strength.

  pp238 Tsunami Bars (aka Tsunami Salami!) Looks can be deceptive with the Tsunami Bars. They don't really weigh much, but when packed with weights there’s a whole other challenge for your body when it’s across your back. Try lunging with it overhead, front or back racked. Your legs will feel it for a few days due to the balance and stability issues you may have that these bars perfectly highlight and improve. Like the axle bars we have, once you use the Tsunamis, it’ll feel slightly strange going back to the regular barbells.   thread millTrueForm treadmill Running on a TrueForm treadmill is a lot different compared to a regular one or even running outside. For starters, it’s not motorised, which means all of the momentum is generated by you.This approach means that not only will you get a better overview of your running form, but the little adjustments you make to increase your balance will benefit your stride and body positioning forever. These treadmills are a revelation and as well as fixing your running form will help to build mental strength and cardio too.   ropeRopes We've now set our ropes to different heights to cater for everyone. Rope climbs are great, and in my opinion provide the ultimate upper body wokout, especially if you can do them without using your legs. The grip strength you get will carry over into gymnastics movements too like pull-ups, toes to bar and muscle ups. Battle ropes also help to shred fat, build muscles and increase cardio to turn you into a lean, mean CrossFit machine! Just ask any of the coaches for tips and they’ll give you some movements to try.   *** Seriously, I’ve trained at many gyms over the years, and I have to say that InnerFight has the best mix of fantastic equipment and a friendly, motivational atmosphere. Both of which creates the perfect place to smash your fitness goals and unlock that superstar within you, so come check us out.   By: Matt Jones, InnerFight Performance Coach