Never no Hookgrip

Often times, we ask you to pick up a heavy bar off the floor - when you do, you need a good grip for both strength and safety. Without a doubt, the best grip you can use is the Hookgrip. cb3 (16)

No hookgrip

 Naturally when you grab the bar, your fingers wrap around the bar with the palm tight and the thumb assumes a natural position. When Hookgripping, the thumb is first on the bar, and the pointer and middle finger generally wrap over the thumb - not natural. CB1 (17)

With hookgrip

Yes, at first it will feel awkward and painful, but you need to give it 2-3 weeks to adjust. Back in Belgium, when I first started weightlifting my coach showed me the hook. Those days, our gym didn't have any women's barbells (which have a 2mm smaller diameter than the men's) and having small hands it wasn't easy to grip the bar. My coach had to remind me over and over again to keep my Hookgrip. If you're still not convinced that this is a stronger grip, try this little test out: Do a dead hang pull up with a thumbless grip (thumb on the same side as the fingers.) Then try the same thing but grab the bar with the thumb over the fingers. And last try to hang with a Hookgrip. It's probably easier to hang using the last variation, but chances are that you will drop off the bar because your thumb hurts and not because your grip is gone. When you commit to the Hookgrip it might be a good idea to get yourself a roll of tape. My preference is the elastic stretchy tape, which can be picked up here at InnerFight. The Hookgrip is so important, I suggest you go over to the Instagram page @hookgrip and you'll see just how important it is. If your grip on the bar is like glue, the Hookgrip is like cement.     By: Carmen Bosmans, InnerFight Performance Coach