Neil Bryans

From my early teens to my early twenties I was always into sport and performing at a high level, I loved it, I was good at it and people loved me for it. As a result I was in good shape physically and mentally. Confident and always able to push myself and deliver, what ever the situation. I still abused myself but at that age nothing was an issue, I was that type of guy.
Fast forward 15 years and chuck into the mixer a history of cigarettes and alcohol, a few serious injuries, a career and family and a whole lot of good living and it catches up with you, I guarantee it. I was still working out but with no goals, no frequency, no structure and no motivation. I was only doing the vanity stuff, no cardio and no idea and it was all slipping away.
Don’t get me wrong I knew what was happening and it wasn’t an issue but I missed the confidence, the self belief, the drive, the competition and the banter that you can only get from being around a bunch of like minded people. I knew some guys that were training hard and had been for a long time, they looked good and had that attitude. They were younger, fitter, stronger, they were who I used to be, or were they?
Enter Innerfight and the biggest slap in the face I’ve had for a while, I missed it and I liked it. The whole program, schedule, ethos what ever you want to call it can be broken down into bite sized chunks; Training, it provides the vehicle, you destroy yourself every day, 5 days a week. Diet and Nutrition, put in the good fuel your body needs to run, you will burn it! Sleep; get enough without it you will die doing this stuff. Attitude, you’ve got to want it or you will quit trust me, it’s that simple.
So here we are 5 months in 15kg lighter and a whole lot stronger both physically and mentally and we’re just getting warmed up. Marcus Smith knows his stuff, Innerfight does what it says on the tin and it’s not just for young buff guys!
* Neil Bryans placed 2nd in the UAE Fitness Challenge on 25th June 2011