Need Inspiration to keep going?

Sometimes training is tough, sometimes its really tough and there are times when you sit there and wander if its all worth it? Why am I doing this? Do I really want it? Isn't life about something else?
This video emulates what InnerFight is based on, the attitude to keep going no matter what and to make your decision as to if its all worth it at the end of the session not in the middle. I can guarantee you that the two choices will be somewhat different.
There are going to be times when you are hurting and when your mind tells you to stop and this is where you really have to dig deep. As is so obvious from this clip, it sometimes doesn't matter what state you are in when you cross the finish line, its the crossing it that counts.
If you are ever in a state of wandering "Why" I would encourage you to remember this clip, finish your session and think about this when you are done!