My First Regionals

I started CrossFit March 2014 during the CF open, and I have had the goal of qualifying for Regionals ever since. This year I made it happen and I was thrilled to have achieved what for me was a massive goal. It was literally my “Everest” and it has reinforced the mindset of “anything is possible” if you are willing to put in the work necessary. A mindset that will carry over to all of the other aspects of my life. Regionals 2018 was a big experience and my mission was to do my best and gain as much experience as possible during the 3 days. After not being able to train any gymnastics, snatches, and any shoulder to overhead since April 2017 I was thrilled to still be able to be on that competition floor side by side with so many incredible athletes. 3 weeks prior to Regionals I still had no progress with my elbow and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to complete the weekend, as I at this stage still couldn’t hang from the pull up bar. I was fortunate enough that a physio (@NikJordan_Physio) had reached out to me offering his expertise, and was confident that he had the tools to make my elbow feel better. I trusted him and believe or not, whatever he did worked. It worked so well that I in 10 days went from not being able to hang, to be doing ring muscle ups and HSW pain free. (I will post an article later talking about the methods that he taught me in order to make this happen.) I was so HAPPY that I for the first time in a such a long period finally felt progress, and that I now with a week or so to go, could start preparing for the biggest competition of my life. Instead of being nervous and getting frustrated that I didn’t feel in a great shape, and that I had lost so much strength and capacity in my upperbody, I constantly reminded myself of how bad it my elbow used to be, and that I should be grateful for how good it was at this stage. Again, a lesson that I can transfer to other aspects of my life – I learned the importance of having perspective. My girlfriend, her mom and I traveled to Madrid 4 days prior to the competition to get into the new time zone, climate and also the new diet plan in order to perform as well as possible. My nutritionist (@LiamHolmesNutrition) has played such a big role in my progress over the past year, and had traveled all the way to Madrid to help all of his athletes including me. Every day he would make a meal plan for me based on how the events looked, and how long rest I would have in between the events. To say the least – He did an incredible job guiding my nutrition throughout the whole competition. The last few days leading up to competition my coach (@Kyleruth_TTT) had me run through full warm ups of each workout + short intervals just to get the sports specific stimulus in. It was great doing the specific event warm ups over and over to make sure that I was prepped properly for each event, and more importantly to have a plan in place, so that I wouldn’t get distracted by all of the other athletes warm up routines. He would remind me to keep my “blinders” on during the warm up and even more during the event. The lesson I learned here was to stay in my own lane and use all of my focus on myself rather than on my competitors. I won’t go into detail about how each workout went specifically, but for me every workout was a victory and I was happy with the outcome of the weekend based on my circumstances. (28th place out of 40 spots) 2018 is in the books and my eyes are now on 2019. The goal is to finish inside the top 10 in the Meridian Regionals. I will finish this article off sharing what I believe will be the most important factor of making this happen: TEAM. Have a team with you that can help you along the way, make them a part of the journey and share the ups’n’downs with them. My team for this season: My girlfriend Natalie My coach Kyle My nutritionist Liam My physio Nik. My family And of course, all of my friends and supporters. Thanks to everyone for supporting me throughout the 2018 season, 2019 begins today and I’m excited.   By: Andre Houdet, Performance Coach