My Favourite Pulling Movements

When I was asked for my 4 favourite ‘pulling’ movements my reply was:
  1. Smile and say hello
  2. Buy her a drink and talk about her
  3. Flirt a little with her friends to make them like you
  4. Dance until her feet get tired...
Apparently, I had misinterpreted the instruction and I was supposed to give my 4 favourite ‘back exercises’. So here they are. I suggest that if you want to grow a big thick back, which in my opinion is a staple of a solid, healthy body, you should give these a try. 1.Neutral grip pull down Begin by pulling the bar from above your head down to your chest. When the bar is at your chest, hold the tension for a second or two before releasing up to straighten your arms. Try to focus on your back throughout the whole movement and be sure not to let the biceps take over the movement. 2. Straight arm lat pull down Bending your body to around 45 degrees and using a cable, or a band, pull the bar down to your thighs while fully focusing on using the lats. When you initially set up, be sure to pull your shoulder blades down and keep your shoulders back to really contract the muscle in the right way. 3. Sumo stance Kettlebell Row Using 2 x kettlebells, with your feet in Sumo stance position, bend at your hips so that your chest is parallel to the floor. From this position, pull the kettlebells up to your side and squeeze your shoulder blades as much as possible to really hit the lower traps and the rhomboids. 4. Face pull Using a cable or a band at around eye level or just above, pull the weight directly towards your face separating your hands as you do so. Keep your upper arms parallel to the ground and squeeze as tight as you can at the top of the movement. This will really hit your rear deltoids and your upper traps together. Need help perfecting these movements? Drop me a mail on and let's set it up! By; Ben Davies, Performance Coach