Movement WINS

Feel unfit? MOVE
Feel unhealthy? MOVE
Feel tired? MOVE
Feel down? MOVE
Feel stuck? MOVE
Feel depressed? MOVE

Movement isn't the cure but it certainly helps and has a massive impact on the way we think, act and our overall quality of life.

MOVEMENT - most of you would automatically link it with exercise, and rightly so!
Moving the body in as many different ways possible, different positions, different speeds and different forms etc.
Yoga. Rugby and gymnastics for example all require different ways of moving our body, neither or is right or wrong and our bodies adapt to practice these types of sports which require different muscle types and challenge our bodies movement and capabilities in several ways.
The more you can challenge your body to move in as many different ways possible the better.

A shift in your mindset requires MOVEMENT, emotionally and mentally. To create a habit for example you need to be emotionally committed to the move and have the mental discipline to carry it out. Creating good habits are crucial to living a better life so start making moves no matter how small!

Make a MOVE...
Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.

By: Coach Lloyd, Performance Coach