Movement is the key

A number of people are caught in a state of not knowing what the solution to better health is. There is unlimited literature and research available offering guaranteed solutions to help people achieve their physical goals, but what happens more often than not is that we end up more confused than at the outset.
If I told you we have been working with a certain gentleman who came to us at 154kg and without asking him to do one push up, enter a gym or run a single meter he lost over 30kg would you be surprised?
Nutrition is always number one stop and often we need to make nutritional adjustments to assist people in their quest for improved physique.  However what has been proven time and time again to be a leading key factor in weigh reduction is "movement" and in many cases movement of the most basic sort.
A huge % of the population work in offices where they are sat for up to 10 hours a day with limited movement. Imagine if people stood up from their desk every hour and spent 3-5 minutes moving around the office, perhaps doing 10 air squats, or taking a flight of stairs. This would bring a huge positive impact to their physical state.
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The world has an issue with the sedentary lifestyle that people are more popularly leading these days, this must be broken down and its not complicated, doesn't need a high tech fitness program devised by the nations best, all it needs is movement in the simplest form.

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