Three reasons to love Morning Movement

  1. Mental Toughness - Morning Movement is done outside, no matter how hot or humid it is. Some people might think you're crazy (which is pretty cool). The heat will play with your mind and body at times, you'll want to quit and head inside for the nice cold AC most Summer days but a strong mind delivers strong performance. The fiercest battle when conquering performance is the one that goes on in the mind.
  2. For all fitness abilities - no matter your fitness capabilities Morning Movement is for you. Simple movements, no technical exercises and if you can't do one thing then we'll give you another you can do. As well as this, Morning Movement is performed at a nice steady pace that's relative to you. If you've not had a great sleep the night before and you want to take it even easier then do that. Listen to your body, wake it up with some Morning Movement and feel the benefits throughout the day.
  3. Fun - considering we punish ourselves by working out in the heat we always have fun with it; a laid back vibe and a bunch of amazing like minded people who help and support each other every single day. Life is about having fun and creating enjoyment and human performance sky rockets when fun is involved.
By; Lloyd Melling, Performance Coach