Million Metres in May

Your run. Your choice. Experience 1,000,000m of running at InnerFight in the month of May. It doesn’t matter if  you are a seasoned runner or a first-timer- this is for you! This is an ideal opportunity to experience your first big run, or to improve a previous personal best. You can take part by running any distance in multiples of 1,000m. Simple math. Simple logic. Easy run.  You can contribute to the total at any point of the month. If you get tired when you first run 1,000m. Don’t worry, you can get back on the track and run as many times as you want during the month. Your overall score will be accumulated and the sense of achievement is wonderful. If you can’t run within our HQ,  get that IF apparel hiding in your closet and start hitting your pavement outside. Next step, post in your social media, tag us using #mmm and you are doing a great job! Although you may be running alone, this challenge is all about team work! Yes, team work- as we can’t cross the 1,000,000m finish line without your contribution. We are all a champion runner in our own simple ways. Here are the full details… Date: 1st May – 31st May Distance:  1,000,000m Limit: must run at least 1,000m to validate the score Location: InnerFight HQ, anywhere you are in the world ENTRY IS ABSOLUTELY FREE! So sleep. eat. hydrate. warm-up and let’s get it started! If you are  taking part this obstacle and could not make it at our HQ, drop us a mail and send us some footage or image and we will post in our social media as well as include in the overall score. As a cardinal rule, one must wear an IF apparel when running. Enjoy the run! #mmm