Mike Riley

InnerFight is one of the most powerful training systems I use in my arsenal. It has given me the edge in both explosive power and insane cardio. Just getting through these sessions is reward enough but survival is just the beginning. What you learn is how to apply mind over matter. So no matter what awaits you at the gym you have the mental fortitude to not just survive but to push and reach new heights in your training. InnerFight is a fresh and radical training system that is appropriate for everyone who wants the best out of themselves. I have been challenged daily and find the routines tough but a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend InnerFight to those who think they have tried everything out there. Be prepared to not only challenge your physical limitations but also explore how powerful the mind body connection is. As a former competitive bodybuilder and power lifter I faced many challenges in training but the intensity of InnerFight at 6am with the local chapter is absolutely mind blowing! (Mike has played International Rugby, completed body building competitions and played American Football at a high level)