Meet the Member, Najla Hallit

Sporting background, what inspired you to take up endurance sport?

Before starting endurance sport, sport was a big part of my life. I was doing it almost everyday. It makes me feel good and happy.

I then decided to set goals in my sports journey, I wanted to achieve something and this is how the triathlon and endurance training came in.

Goals, struggles, successes

This year I am aiming to complete one sprint and 2 Olympic by March. Based on that , I will decide what is next.

My worry is swimming, I am not a good swimmer, and I only started to swim the free style when I started my endurance training.

I am enjoying each day of my training, I love the TP and how it structures my week.

Also, I can notice my progress in running and cycling   

Training environment and locations

I train in Dubai, with the IF team (Tuesday and Thursday) or on my own. I travel sometimes for work , luckily not for the coming month or 2..

I prefer to be in Dubai for training. it has great facilities and the amazing IFE community.

Learnings from InnerFight

I get inspired by all the athletes and coaches around me. I learn everyday, and it feels home when you are surrounded with likeminded people.

The Training

I like it a lot. I met with my coach before we started, he was asking meaningful questions in order to understand my background in sports, abilities and goals.

I trust him and I trust the workouts he gives me, I believe that we will achieve my goals as a team.

He is very helpful, very responsive and patient – I started endurance training and that was my first time ever, I can come up with silly questions that are always answered on point , and I am learning a lot.