Meet The Member: Isra Gadri

Why did you decide to start CrossFit at InnerFight
Actually, I have never done CrossFit before, but it got my attention since it started to become more popular, especially in Saudi Arabia. I did some research before moving to Dubai & innerfight was on the top of my list because of its sense of community. When I had an initial visit in February 2019, all the coaches were so friendly and knowledgeable and I felt right at home.

How did you feel when you first started?
I started my journey at IF last week of May 2019 and I remember thinking “what the hell did I get myself into?” Honestly, I doubted myself a lot and I wanted to give up so many times. I felt weak, especially with the barbell, because the 15KG bar felt so heavy and I had to opt for the 10KG at times for specific movements. In the workouts, I would struggle, a 200m run was a nightmare, I wasn’t close to performing any gymnastic movement, I used a 10LB ball for wall balls, and box step ups felt so challenging.

When did you start to see these huge changes in your body?
I noticed a huge difference in my body beginning of January 2020. To share a short story of my journey, I was off for 6 weeks in the summer and when I got back to Dubai in September, while doing the mainline sessions, I also started PT focusing on strengthening my upper body and gymnastics techniques. Then I decided to join the Open in October and It was after the 20.2 workout, I noticed a boost in my overall performance and my body really started to feel & look different. After pushing the limits in the open and being surrounded with so many great athletes, I had a mental shift in how I approach my workouts. I started doing 10-11 sessions a week (daily mainline sessions, gymnastics & barbell, and the weekend workouts). I went into each session with the objective to make sure I listen, learn the movements correctly, perform at 200% no matter what, and most importantly to challenge myself and continue to push the limits. Fast forward 4 months later, I can comfortably snatch 42KG, Clean 53KG, Jerk 62KG, deadlift 92KG, I use a 20LB ball for wall balls, i do 24” box jumps, I am also able to do (HSPUs, T2B, Kipping pull ups, a few strict pull ups), running, still not my favorite thing but I am more comfortable, I even ran a half marathon easily, and the more challenging the workout is, the more excited I am because it’s another opportunity to grow & get stronger… honestly, I keep surprising myself and it feels incredible…

What other changes did you notice in your life?
My journey at IF taught me so much other than just going in for a workout and leaving. I would say that because of IF, I was able to completely change my diet which also played a role in my performance and results, my energy level has improved, I sleep better, I feel more confident, I am stronger physically & mentally, and I built life long relationships with like minded and supportive people I met at IF.

What does No Weakness mean to you?
No Weakness means to me:

  1. Being patient with your growth & progress
  2. Willingness to learn from all
  3. Being able to push through the pain with a smile