Love for OCR- Stephanie Jaraba

I have to say that OCR has a positive impact in my life.

I love OCR and tobe specific this amazing community. Each session gives me the energy to carry on with my day and life routine. it's what makes me get up so early and drive all the way for 1 hour and half to see people who i admire and inspire me, starting from their smiles, support, disciple, commitment and seeing their progress makes you believe that you also can do it. We train hard and at the same time we have so much fun in the process.

I have definetely developed new skills. strength, overall conditioning, but the most important is self-confidence, leaving behind my fears.

It challenge you physically and mentally, it builds character and the tenacy to overcome any obstacles in life as well, when you are physically tired, it is your mind that will keep you going. The feeling of improving your performance, and achieving goals is addictive, you want to see what's next, you start getting involve in new races, outdoor training meeting people with common interests and life style.

Still so many "unknown" experiences waiting for me and i'm getting ready to meet them.  I'm so lucky and thankful for being part of such amazing and supporting community