It's easy today to get distracted by what others are doing. It's literally at our fingertips for us to see over Instagram, TikTok, or whatever other social media platform you use. While these platforms are great, using them as a gauge of comparison for yourself can lead you down rabbit holes. Everyone has many different things going on, and we know posts are often highlighted reels. While we can celebrate other people's successes, the only person you should be focused on bettering is yourself, and that is the only person you have control over improving too.

In September, I underwent surgery to remove a bone spur rubbing on my Achilles tendon. This threw me back massively as I could not walk without crutches for 2-3 weeks or load bear during this time. For someone that's always been active, this was challenging mentally to accept, but I am coming out the other side now. The pain I had before surgery in my Achilles is no longer there, and I am seeing progression week after week.

The main thing I have focused on in my training since returning after the surgery is that progression will not happen in leaps and bounds. For example, a steady increase of 1kg on a lift each week during a 6-week training block is 6kg at the end of the training block. With a few of these phases each year, you could be looking at putting well into the double digits on your lift over the year. For anyone at any level, this is an impressive feat. This can be applied to all types of training. Steady and measurable improvements in your performance are a great way of focusing on bettering yourself.

If you have a goal or target, let's chat and map out the route to where you want to be.

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