[caption id="attachment_21810" align="alignleft" width="200"]TESTING WEEK SOCIAL During this week you will be able to see how much you've progressed since you joined us, where you still may need to put some work in and where you fit on our InnerFight zones of progression. This includes your strength, gymnastics, cardio and some classic InnerFight style work outs.[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_21761" align="alignright" width="200" class=" "]Instagram 2 This month we introduce our first “No Weakness” endurance training camps. Participants’ endurance will be tested in the beautiful Jebel Jais surroundings. If you missed signing up this month then fear not, there will be more training camps coming up. Do you have what it takes?[/caption]




[caption id="attachment_21764" align="alignleft" width="200"]ebeforeafter Last month Elita shared her inspirational story of how she beat depression and found strength in CrossFit. Her journey has given encouragement to so many others. Hear her story HERE [/caption] [caption id="attachment_21766" align="alignright" width="200"]Roast Cauliflower with Dates, Dill, Pistachios & Harissa Dressing with logo We’d hate to know you missed out on this incredible roast cauliflower with dates, dill, pistachios and harissa dressing. A damn tasty salad, perfect for those BBQs! Get the recipe HERE[/caption] [caption id="attachment_21765" align="aligncenter" width="200"]306 In April we were joined by Dan Petro who believes that the fun element is fitness should always be at the forefront and once this is lost motivation dwindles. Tune in HERE [/caption]   [hr]


Love CrossFit and want to show someone else how it can change their life too? Introduce them to our new starter program, which will take them through two 1-hour private sessions with a coach where we will introduce them to CrossFit and InnerFight, teach them the fundamental CrossFit movements, and prepare them for classes. This program focuses on the individualised aspect of training, where the coaches are there to help the athlete through covering all the essential movements and skills to help build confidence. The coach will attack performance through goal setting, creating a safe environment and there to answer any questions but above all, help in having fun!   

Change someone else’s life: Innerfight.com/getstarted



The holy month of Ramadan is nearly upon us, a time where in certain parts of the world Muslims will fast for up to 15hours a day whilst temperatures continue to soar. It’s a special time but can also be hard to stay on track so we have some tips to guide you through it.

  • Get in the grove: Routine is only going to help you. Figure out what works and make it a habit right away, this applies to your work, sleep, food, exercise and socialising times.
  • Stay active: It would be stupid to think you are going to set a new 10km run PB when you have not eaten all day but some form of activity is a must. The time between sunset and the final prayer of the day is ideal.
  • Nail your diet: There will be a lot of “comfort” foods like chocolate and sweets around this month. This is not a time to gain weight so you must nail your diet.
  • Sleep remains key: Without it you are going to be no use to anyone. Although your sleep may be segmented it is still super important.
  • Enjoy: It’s a special month. For many the meaning is different but it is an opportunity to enjoy, to reset, to look at life in a unique way. Embrace it and be cool about it.

Wishing you a truly awesome month of staying healthy and feeling good. From all the InnerFight team - RAMADAN KAREEM!

Read more HERE

All classes will run as normal with an additional class at 9.30pm.



20170418 Charlotte Borghesi (2)-sentWhen and why did I start Cross Fit?

I started Cross fit in June 2016.   I had given birth 2 months before to my last (and final!) baby – Alessandra and I      had decided to get in the best shape ever!  I was focused on losing all of my baby weight (and corporate office job  weight) as well as having a passion to maximize my energy to give my best to my husband, my children and in my job every day.   All of this combined with a healthy obsession to live as long and as well as possible my friend Maria Markovicova invited me along to join her for a trial class session at Innerfight – it was a class of burpees, wallballs and thrusters.  I hadn’t even heard of cross fit before that day and now there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t do, think or talk about crossfit (at least ten times!!)

What is my Day Job?

Mum, Wife, Best Friend and Crossfitter! – these are the best parts of my day job.  As to the part that pays the bills (and takes most of my time!) I am General Manager of Mars Incorporated for the Gulf countries.  Yes – that correct -  Mars the Pet food and chocolate company!  We make Pet Food good enough for human consumption (Matt can verify!) and here in Dubai we are making 60,000 tonnes of Galaxy, Snickers and Mars bars every year!

What is my favorite workout?

My favorite thing about CrossFit is the complete variety!  I have been to Innerfight on average 4 times every week since last June (apart from Vacations) and I can’t ever remember doing the same work out twice!  I never check the workout on the website before I come – I love the surprise when I arrive before the class.  My energy gets going when I turn up and see thrusters, wallballs, burpees, box jumps and more recently I have started to love rope climbs, kipping pull ups and snatch!!

What is my most hated workout?

Anything with the assault bike – even just the thought that it might be on the workout makes me feel sick!  Double Unders are a close by number 2 however my goal is to love Double Unders ready for the Open next year.  I don’t think I will ever love the bike!!!!!!!

What else you should know about me?

My most fundamental life values are Family, health, growth.  These are the values that I make all of my daily decisions - both in my personal life & my business life.   I need three things every day to keep me full of energy & happiness……

  1. Someone to look up to – I have a wide variety of people I look up to for inspiration from all walks of life…..for examples historical leaders (like Maggie Thatcher who was an amazing woman, Obama) role models in areas I am passionate about (like all of the Innerfight Coaches) or friends and family (like Paolo for being such a focused and determined man and a great father putting family first beyond anything else)
  2. Something to look forward  - this is my family – I look forward to seeing them when I wake up in the morning, when I go home in the evening, when I see Paolo’s or the older kids names ping up on my phone or in a whatsapp message I feel excited!    I also look forward to personal growth everyday in some way shape or form – physically, emotionally, intellectually or spiritually!
  3. Something to Chase – and my chase every day is my handsome, gorgeous, loving, caring husband Paolo who gives me courage, inspiration, energy and love everyday (I need a big dose of Vitamin L  to enjoy the day to the max!)  Together we chase all of our life goals and dreams together in quite a disciplined way….

Paolo and I have 7 kids with our eldest 17 years old (WOW – I know I only look 17 myself J) and youngest 1 year!  I have lived in 6 different countries.   Paolo and I do annual objective setting for all of our kids (yes even the babies!) every new year setting each of them 3 goals for the year and reviewing performance at the end of the year (with a prize for the best delivery!) We print them on canvases and hang them on the wall in the entrance when you walk into our house!

I am completely obsessed about nutrition and I passionately believe that food is the answer to ALL health problems in the world! I am also a huge supplement advocate and I’m popping about 32 supplements everyday to meet my energy and long life goals ( I can give you the list of what and why and the best and most purest form in the world which is well researched if you like!!!!!!!!) I am obsessed with books and reading and at any one time I have about 7 books on the go in different locations around the house and I’m adding about 10 new books a month to my home library!    At the moment I am reading Sapiens, The New Alpha, The Greatest quest for sporting perfection,  Black Box Thinking, The Happiness Advantage, Deep Nutrition & The Mesh to name but a few (NEVER FICTION!!) Last time I read a novel was 7 years ago – 50 shades of Grey – and I think it was the only Novel I have read in the last 15 years.