3 ways to max out your life

1. Max out your MORNING Just like the quote says 'if you win the morning, you win the day' and I completely agree with it. I think creating a morning routine is essential for starting your day right and setting yourself up for success. A morning routine might look like this: - Wake up EARLY - Make your bed - Drink a glass of water, first thing - Visualise/ plan your day (use a journal/calendar) - Exercise! - Take a cold shower Yours might look slightly different but stick with it, it gets easier. Do this and see your days improve drastically. 2. Max out your MIND If you want REAL change, you must first change what you're thinking. Your subconscious thoughts are always trying to prove you right. Change just 10% of your thoughts and watch your life change. Think positive! How can you do this: - Focus on the good things, however small - See failures as lessons - Find humour in bad situations - Focus on the present - Surround yourself with positive people - Transform negative thoughts into good 3. Max out your BODY Invest in yourself, you have one body so take the time and effort to take care of it. Be active, exercise, do yoga and try something different and make sure you set goals! Sticking to a healthy physical routine is very important. It's a process of waking up daily, knowing you are worthy and that you value yourself enough to keep promises to yourself! The positive health benefits that come from this are immense. To name a few: - Increase energy levels - Improve brain function - Improve quality of sleep - Reduce risk of chronic diseases The list could go on and on.. Mentally and physically, you'll be capable of a lot more than you can even think of so make these 3 simple changes and watch life improve. By: Lloyd Melling, Performance Coach